Product Introduction

Full, Multi-Standard Video Decoder IC: TC90106FG

This is the block diagram of the full, multi-standard video decoder, TC90106FG.

The TC90106FG is a full, multi-standard video decoder, which supports not only a CVBS input, but also D1 and D2 component inputs. For picture-quality enhancement, the TC90106FG provides a baseband tint function that allows tint adjustment for all video formats up to D2 resolution. In addition to the ITU-R BT.656 output interface, an 8-bit serial (SAV/EAV insertion) output is selectable for a D2 video input, with the clock rate converted from 27 MHz to 54 MHz.

2-Channel Multi-Standard Video Decoders IC: TC90105FG

This is the block diagram of the 2-channel full, multi-standard video decoder, TC90105FG.

The TC90105FG is a two-channel video decoder, featuring various picture adjustment functions, such as an HV & diagonal (HVD) enhancer, color management and dynamic YC gamma correction. It allows image rendering, according to the videos from automotive cameras.

HVD enhancer: Provides diagonal edge enhancement in addition to the traditional edge enhancement in the horizontal and vertical directions. The HVD enhancer in the TC90105FG features the ability to apply a greater amount of edge enhancement while minimizing an artificial look.
Color management: Provides the capability to increase the saturation of selected colors. Its objective is to improve visibility by making particular colors such as red more prominent. The TC90105FG allows you to select three colors and program their saturation levels.
Dynamic YC gamma correction: Suppresses black and white collapsing to improve visibility by optimally adjusting the gamma correction curve for luma according to images. The TC90105FG maintains the balance between the luma and chroma levels by adjusting the chroma gain based on the luma gamma correction.



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