Fan motor drive circuit (with MCD)

Example of fan motor drive circuit using MCU / Brushless DC motor

Fan motor drive circuit (with MCD)


Single phase brushless DC motor driver (Built-in MOSFET)

Part number TC78B002FNG TC78B002FTG
Power supply voltage

5.5 to 16 V (operating range)

Output current

1.5 A (operating range)

Drive type

Single phase full wave drive


PWM control

Soft switching drive

Quick start

Hall bias circuit

Error detection: Current limit, Thermal shutdown

Package SSOP16 WQFN16

Three-phase brushless DC motor driver (Built-in MOSFET)

Part number


Power supply voltage

6 to 30 V (operating range)

Output current

3 A (operating range)

Drive system

Sine wave drive system


Phase control: Optimum phase control of voltage and current

Sensor input: Hall device / Hall IC compatible

Speed control input: PWM signal / analog voltage input

Error detection: Thermal shutdown, overcurrent detection, motor lockout detection

Output ON-resistance (sum of top and bottom): 0.24 Ω (Typ.)


Part number



Maximum operation frequency

40 MHz

40 MHz

Instruction ROM

128 KB

64 KB


10 KB 8 KB
Timer 16bit x 8ch 16bit x 8ch
UART / SIO 3ch 2ch
UART (50 % duty) 1ch 1ch
AD converter 18ch (12bit) 10ch (12bit)


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