Can the power of the bus switch is turn off while the signal on?

If the input terminal (for the control circuit) and the input/output terminal (I/O terminal) have a tolerant function and the IOFF characteristic of the DC characteristic is specified, the power of bus switch can be turn off while the signal on.

Table-1 TC7MBL3257CFT Operating Ranges

How to check the tolerant function of the input/output terminals (I/O terminals) of the bus switch

If the input voltage (VIN) and switch input/output voltage (VS)  (Measurement condition : VCC = 0 V or switch = OFF) do not depend on the power supply voltage within the operating range of the data sheet, the device has tolerant function
Please refer to the operating range of TC7MBL3257CFT (Table-1). Both are independent of the power supply voltage and are 0 to 3.6 V, so you can see that they have a tolerant function.

Table-1 TC7MBL3257CFT Operating Ranges

Table-2 TC7MBL3257CFT DC characteristics

Also, please check whether there is a specification for power off leakage current (IOFF) in the DC characteristics. Please refer to the DC characteristics of the TC7MBL3257CFT. There is a specification for the power off leakage current (IOFF), which is only 40 μA leakage.

Table-2 TC7MBL3257CFT DC characteristics

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