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Intelligent Power Devices (IPDs) (250V/500V Series)

DC Brushless Motor Drivers

Rating Part Number Feature Protection Package
6-input PWM and
rotate pulse
250 1 TPD4151K - - DIP26
500 1 TPD4142K - -
TPD4146K -
TPD4123K - - -
TPD4123AK - - - -
2 TPD4144K - - -
TPD4144AK - - - -
2.5 TPD4206F - - - SOP30
3 TPD4135K - - - DIP26
TPD4135AK - - - -
600 0.7 TPD4152K - - DIP26
TPD4152F - - HSSOP31
2.5 TPD4204F - - - SOP30
5 TPD4207F - - -
  • OC: Over-Current / OT: Over-Temperature / UV: Under-Voltage
  • VBB: Power Supply Voltage (V)
  • IOUT: Output Current (DC) (A)

TPD4204F HV-IPD for Sine-Wave Motor Control

The TPD4204F is a new high voltage intelligent power device (HV-IPD) that enables the Sine-Wave control of brushless DC (BLDC) electric motors. The TPD4204F is suitable for use in a range of low power industrial fans and pumps as well as white goods including washing machine, dishwashers and fan units.

Rated to 600V and 2.5A the TPD4204F features six MOSFETs and a driver IC in a multi-chip configuration. The device is housed in a 30 pin SMD-type package (SOP30) that separates all small signal pins from the power pins and measures just 20mm x 11mm x 2mm.

The TPD4204F provides over-current, over temperature and under voltage protection and can be combined with either MCUs or MCDs.  Contact us for further information.


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