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MOSFET Product lineup

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400V - 900V MOSFETs

The 400-V to 900-V MOSFETs are used for switching power supply and inverter motor applications. Toshiba offers super-junction MOSFET series suitable for high-output power supply applications and D-MOS (double-diffused) MOSFET series suitable for low-output power supply applications.


N-ch Super Junction
N-ch D-MOS


DTMOS  series

DTMOS is a super-junction MOSFET series suitable for quick charger,large scale power supply for industry, and other high-output power supply applications. A super-junction MOSFET provides lower on-resistance than a MOSFET in the same package of the π-MOS series. In other words, a super-junction MOSFET with the same on-resistance as for a MOSFET of the π-MOS series is available in a smaller package. Therefore, DTMOS is well suited to reducing the size and improving the efficiency of power supplies.

π-MOS  series

π-MOS is a D-MOS (double-diffused) MOSFET series suitable for low-output power supply applications, including 65-W or lower-wattage notebook PC and game console adapters. Since the switching speed of the π-MOS series is not so fast, it does not generate large EMI noise and is therefore easy to use.

Power Supply for Consumer Appliances

  • Packaging technology

    The four-pin TO-247-4L package uses a Kelvin connection for the gate-drive source terminal in order to reduce the inductance of the internal source wiring and thereby allow a MOSFET chip to achieve a high switching speed.
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Name outline Date of issue
Evolution of Devices Supporting Power
Electronics and Expansion of Technologies for
Mounting, Circuits, and Application to Products

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Optimising power deisng through MOSFET efficiency and intergration 8/2017

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Cordless Power Tools: Delivering High Output Power, Extended Operation and Smaller Form Factors 10/2017

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Describes the features of the new package and an operation analysis using simulation 9/2017

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Application note

Application note
Name outline Date of issue
Describes the guidelines for the design of a gate driver circuit for MOSFET switching applications and presents examples of gate driver circuits 11/2017

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Describes current imbalance in parallel MOSFETs and the mechanism of parasitic oscillation 11/2017

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Describes the oscillation mechanism of MOSFETs for switching applications 11/2017

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describes how to reduce the chip temperature of discrete semiconductor devices. 12/2017
Describes planar, trench and super-junction power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes the absolute maximum ratings, thermal impedance and safe operating area of power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes electrical characteristics shown in datasheets 11/2016
Describes how to select power MOSFETs, temperature characteristics, the impacts of wires and parasitic oscillation, avalanche ruggedness, snubber circuits and so on 11/2016
Describes thermal equivalent circuits, examples of channel temperature calculation and considerations for heatsink attachment 2/2017


Name outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of power and small-signal MOSFETs by package 3/2016


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