Package Trends of Automotive MOSFETs

Package technology trends

Power MOSFET Packaging Technology Trend

Pacage Size/Mounting Area (㎟)

DPAK+, DSOP Advance(WF), SOP Advance(WF), and TSON Advance(WF) feature a Cu connector structure to achieve a current-carrying capacity, approximately twice that of conventional models. In addition, the newly developed S-TOGL™ and L-TOGL™ adopt the Cu clip structure (postless structure) and Multi-pin structure, which is an evolution of the Cu connector structure, to achieve further improvement in high current performance.
We are expanding our product lineup to meet the various needs of automotive applications. 

Small Packages Technology Trend

Small Packages Packaging Technologies Trend

The small MOSFET offers a wide choice of breakdown voltages and drive voltages ranging from small-signal to middle-class semi-power types. There is a wide choice of package sizes ranging from 1x1 mm-class ultra-small packages to 3x3 mm, which contributes to miniaturization of sets by reducing the mounting area.

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