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ESD 보호용 다이오드

TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes) protect sensitive devices from damage or malfunction due to ESD and other surge voltage spikes introduced from I/O ports. Fabricated with a unique process technology, Toshiba's TVS diodes provide high ESD tolerance. Toshiba offers a wide range of TVS diodes suitable for various applications ranging from standard types to those suitable for the protection of high-speed signal lines. Toshiba also provides various packaging options ideal for high-density board assembly.


Total Capacitance (Ct)


In order to protect signal power supply lines from ESD and surge voltage, TVS diodes are utilized in various electronic devices, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; communication equipment such as wireless LAN and NFC devices; and automotive electronics incorporating CAN and LIN buses.

TVS Diodes

High circuit protection performance

Excellent signal integrity preservation

Wide packaging options





List of TVS Diodes (ESD Protection Diodes)

You can search the entire list of TVS Diodes (ESD Protection Diodes), based on characteristics.

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