Stepping Motor

Course outline
Stepping motors are used in a wide variety of applications.
Learn the basic knowledge and functions necessary to understand stepping motors and their control methods.

Target readers
People who are interested in motor systems.

Learning time for this course
1 hour approx. 

Chapter 1 Application Example of Stepping Motor

Motor Applications
What is a Stepping Motor?
Function in Printers
Function in Digital Cameras
Function in Air Conditioners
Function in Slot Machines
Function in Astronomical Telescopes

Chapter 2 Features and Classifications of Stepping Motors

Open-Loop Control
Pros and Cons
Classification by Output Power
Classification by Power Supply
Unipolar Type and Bipolar Type
Classification by Stator
Classification by Rotor Types

Chapter 3 Operating Principle of Stepping Motor

Operation Image
Step Operation
Step Angle
Magnetic Pole of the Stator
Motor Current and Rotor Rotation
Excitation Mode
Excitation Mode: Full Step
Excitation Mode: Half Step
Excitation Mode: Micro Step
Summary of Excitation Modes
2-Phase 4-Pole Motor

Chapter 4 Stepping Motor Driver ICs

Two Input Types
CLOCK Input Type
PHASE Input Type