Standard Digital Isolator with Robust Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

As Factory Automation (FA) progresses, functionality such as inverters/servos and PLCs are often integrated into the same system.
Because of this, there is a risk of noise interference in switching operations such as inverters/servos that control motors. Therefore, the FA market must eliminate the risk of this noise interference as much as possible to operate FA equipment safely and accurately. Toshiba's standard digital isolators are designed to meet the market's demands and contribute to improving customer product reliability by ensuring solid electromagnetic compatibility (EMC*1) that is as noise-free as possible and less susceptible to external noise at the semiconductor level.
(Indicates whether the equipment or system is causing electromagnetic disturbances and whether it is free of electromagnetic interference or works appropriately in the event of such interference.)

Reference: Please refer to the following information on semiconductor EMC and our semiconductor EMC testing laboratory.
Technical Review:  Toshiba EMC testing laboratory receives ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (701.5KB)

EMI*2: Reference test condition CISPR32*3

A margin of at least 10dB is ensured for Class B (3m) standards, which are more stringent than Class A (3m).

Reference test condition CISPR32 (Horizontal)
Reference test condition CISPR32 (Vertical)
  • A smaller value means less noise is generated.

EMS*2 IEC 62132-8: Reference test conditions*4

BISS*5 800V/m noise of in-vehicle requirement class-III does not cause malfunction.

IEC 62132-8 Reference test conditions
  • The higher the value, the more significant is the interference from outside noise.


*1: EMC: Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

*2: EMI/EMS: Electromagnetic Interference / Electromagnetic Susceptibility.

*3: CISPR32: Emission requirements for multimedia equipment.

*4: IEC 62132-8: Semiconductor EMC test standard (radiation immunity: IC Stripline method).

*5: Common specifications for semiconductor EMC testing formulated by BISS: Bosch, Infineon, and Siemens (now Continental).

[Caution] Refer to each specification sheet/specification sheet for the contents of the reference test conditions.

Standard Digital Isolators

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