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Triac-Output Photocouplers


Triac-output photocouplers are suitable for controlling an AC load. Toshiba offers triac-output photocouplers with a VDRM of 400 V for 100 V AC load applications and those with a VDRM of 600 V and 800 V for 200 V AC load applications. You can choose from non-zero-cross (NZC) triac-output photocouplers that allow hardware phase control of the triac and zero-cross (ZC) triac-output photocouplers that help reduce switching noise.

List of triac-output photocouplers

IFT7 IFT5 IFT3 IFT2 Photocouplers selectable based on LED trigger current (IFT) Example: T5 = Initial IFT ≤ 5 mA

*1: DIP6 and DIP4 packages with clearance and creepage distances of 8 mm are available.
To order photocouplers in a package with guaranteed clearance and creepage distances of 8 mm, suffix the part number with the letter F. Example: TLP3062F

*2: 5 mm for SO6 package; 4 mm for MFSOP6 package

*3: The TLP168J and TLP3064 are available only with an IFT of 3 mA.

Product List

List of Triac-Output Photocouplers
You can search the entire list of triac-output photocouplers, based on characteristics.

Features of Triac-Output Photocouplers

  • Available in the cost-effective small SO6 package (TLP265J/TLP266J
  • High peak repetitive off-state voltage: 800 V(TLP3082/TLP3782/TLP3783)
  • Low LED trigger current: 3 mA(TLP168J/TLP3064)

1. Reinforced insulation and JEDEC reflow soldering

The TLP265J and TLP266J triac-output photocouplers provide a peak repetitive off-state voltage of 600 V. Housed in the double-molded SO6 package, these photocouplers offer clearance and creepage distances of 5 mm, and an isolation voltage of 3750 Vrms. Compliant with the JEDEC reflow soldering standard, they are easy to solder onto a printed circuit board.

Zero-Cross Triac-Output Photocoupler (TLP266J) Application Example

Non-Zero-Cross Triac-Output Photocoupler (TLP265J) Application Example

Other Photocouplers/Photorelays


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