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IEGT is a high power device that can control large current with voltage drive which improves the sharp increase of the on-state voltage accompanying the increase in collector-emitter voltage by devising the element structure of the emitter of the IGBT*.

*IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

Features of IEGTs

The outstanding turn-off performance and the wide safe operating area of IEGTs make it possible to reduce the power consumption, shrink the size and improve the efficiency of equipment. IEGTs are ideal for industrial motor control applications that support today’s social infrastructure, including industrial drive systems and power converters. Toshiba’s IEGTs are available in press-pack type and module type packages. You can select IEGTs that best suit the power capacity and load characteristics requirements for your applications. And hybrid modules using a new material silicon carbide diodes will draw out advantages from their application.

Press-Pack IEGTs (PPIs)

Plastic Case Module IEGTs (PMIs)

Hybrid IEGT / SiC-SBD Modules



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