PPIs are Press-Pack IEGTs. PPIs are pressure-welded high-power devices with built-in IEGT chips. PPIs contribute to energy saving, miniaturization, and efficiency of equipment through low-loss chips and high-reliability packages.

Press-Pack IEGTs (PPIs)
Multiple IEGT chips are placed in an array on the same plane, and individual IEGT chips are uniformly pressed from both sides using a molybdenum plate. The collector and emitter electrodes of each IEGT chip are brought into contact with the corresponding copper electrodes of the press pack enclosure via the molybdenum plate by applying mechanical pressure. This not only makes electrical connections and but also allows heat dissipation.
PPI Structure and Cross-Sectional View Of a PPI
Principle of Operation
IEGT is a high power device that can control large current with voltage drive which improves the sharp increase of the on-state voltage accompanying the increase in collector-emitter voltage by devising the element structure of the emitter of the IGBT*.

*IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
Cross-Sectional View of and Carrier Distribution in an IEGT


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