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Evaluation board

Toshiba Photorelay

General information

Mechanical relay 


Evaluation board
 present campaign

Evaluation board for checking photorelay operation

Discover the benefits of replacing a mechanical relay with a Toshiba photorelay. This photorelay evaluation board replaces a mechanical relay by attaching directly to the mechanical relay mounting board. For the further information, please download the Evaluation board guidance and TLP3547 datasheet from below link.

Evaluation board for checking photorelay operation

Photorelays have many advantages over mechanical relays

Relay type Mechanical relay
(Signal relay)
(Feature of Photorelay)
Lifetime (With contact limit) (No contact limit) Long life
Contact Voltage
(OFF Voltage)
DC 60V
AC 24-32V
DC 48~60V
Notes:operating voltage condition is different with mechanical relay and photorelay.
Contact Capacity 2A@Ta=25℃~85℃ 5A@Ta=25℃
Notes:Photorelay need to consider degradation of On state current  by temperature condition.
Contact Resistance
(Degraded by On/Off)
High reliability
Isolation Voltage 1.0KVrms 2.5KVrms High isolation voltage
Operation / Release Time 5-10ms 1-5ms High speed
Operation Sound Exist (No Noise) No noise
Miniaturization 100mm2 73mm2 Smaller size
Height 12mm 3.65mm Smaller size
Input Power Consumption (coil)100mW~

(LED)Around 0.5mW~

Less power consumption

Evaluation board guidance

Name Date
Evaluation board guidance (PDF: 786KB)

Data sheet

Name Date
TLP3547 Data sheet/English (PDF: 386KB)

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