DSOP Advance, a Thermally Enhanced Double Side Cooling Package, improves the efficiency of power supply for high-current applications.

DSOP Advance has a metallic plate (E-Pad) on the top of the packaging to dissipate heat from the chips. Improved heat dissipation through this metallic plate reduces the increase in MOSFET temperatures during high-current conduction and contributes to improved power density and efficiency of power supply circuits. Thermal resistivity Rth(ch-c) of DSOP Advance is reduced by 45% compared with SOP Advance of the same package size. Since the DSOP Advance footprint patterns are the same as those of the conventional SOP Advance, they can be replaced without changing the layout of the printed circuit board.

The DSOP Advance package which efficiently dissipates heat from the metal plates on the top and bottom surfaces improves the efficiency of high current products.
Device Temperature

Replacing Toshiba's 30V MOSFET TPHR9003NL with the TPWR8503NL reduces MOSFET temperatures by 10.3°C. When a heat sink is mounted, the device temperature is reduced by 26℃ at the maximum.

Results of heat dissipation simulations (SOP Advance vs. DSOP Advance)

Results of heat radiation simulations (SOP Advance vs. DSOP Advance)

The figure below shows the results of comparing heat dissipation simulations of SOP Advance and DSOP Advance. The upper part is a side view of the heat dissipation condition, and the lower part is its top view. Double-sided heat dissipation type DSOP Advance reduces MOSFET temperatures by approximately 40% compared with single-sided heat dissipation type SOP Advance.

DSOP Advance packaged MOSFETs

Circuit Simulation

Switched Mode Power Supply Library is the service which can select and download various basic topologies of power supply unit based on your actual requirement to verify the behavior of MOSFET with your simulation environment. 

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