Application Circuit of TPD4207F for Small Compressor Motor Drive

This reference design provides an example circuit of small compressor motor drive with combination of TPD4207F and TMPM4K0FSADUG, and design guide of peripheral circuit.

Application block diagram of application circuit of TPD4207F for small compressor motor drive.
Application circuit diagram of application circuit of TPD4207F for small compressor motor drive.


  • The combination of TPD4207F and TMPM4K0FSADUG achieves high efficiency compressor motor (BLDC) drive by vector control
  • Able to drive a compressor motor which requires high current at startup because of improved current rating (5A) due to low on resitance (0.44Ω(typ)) MOSFETs installed
  • Built-in a voltage regulator, a current limit and an undervoltage protection circuit help to simplify board design


  • Description of control method of BLDC motor drive(sensorless drive and sine-wave control)
  • Application circuit example of compressor motor drive with the combination of TPD4207F and TMPM4K0FSADUG
  • Design guide of peripheral circuit such as protection circuit threshold setting

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Used Toshiba Items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
Intelligent power device 600V (High voltage PWM DC brushless motor driver) Motor drive・1 600 V/5.0 A 3-phase Brushless DC Motor Driver IC built-in Power Device, SSOP30
TXZ4 PWM control・1
Photocoupler (photo-IC output) Communication・2 Photocoupler (photo-IC output), High-speed, 10 Mbps, 3750 Vrms, 5pin SO6

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