48 V Bus Compatible 1.2 V/100 A Double Step-Down DC-DC Converter

The 48 V power supply for servers is getting popular in order to reduce power consumption of data centers. This DC-DC converter can convert the 48 V bus voltage to 1.2 V/100 A for several devices on a server efficiently. Design files and guides for circuit design and operation are available as reference design.

PCB Photo (example)
Board Appearance

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  • Provides 1.2 V/100 A from the 48 V bus line very efficiently
  • Total efficiency 83 % (Vin = 50 V at 100 % load condition)
  • Outline size : 198 mm x 151 mm
  • Provides the latest power MOSFET totally


Input voltage DC 40 V to 59.5 V
Output voltage DC 1.2 V
Output power 120 W
Circuit topology Double Step-Down DC-DC Converter (Non-Isolated Sychronous Buck DC-DC + Non-Isolated Sychronous Buck DC-DC)
Efficiency Curves
Efficiency Curves

Design Documents

Materials for designers, such as an overview of circuit operation and explanations of design considerations. Please click on each tab to view the contents.

Design Data

Provides circuit data that can be loaded into EDA tools, PCB layout data, and data used in PCB manufacturing. Available in formats from multiple tool vendors. You can freely edit it with your preferred tool.

*1:Actual PCB was designed on CR5000BD. The other files were made from CR5000BD file.

*2:The data was generated on CR5000BD.

Used Toshiba Items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
Power MOSFET (N-ch single 60V<VDSS≤150V) First stage high-side・2 N-ch MOSFET, 100 V, 0.0136 Ω@10V, SOP Advance, U-MOSⅧ-H
Power MOSFET (N-ch single 60V<VDSS≤150V) First stage low-side・2 N-ch MOSFET, 100 V, 0.0056 Ω@10V, SOP Advance, U-MOSⅨ-H
Power MOSFET (N-ch single VDSS≤30V) Second stage high-side・5 N-ch MOSFET, 30 V, 0.0089 Ω@10V, SOP Advance, U-MOSⅧ-H
Power MOSFET (N-ch single VDSS≤30V) Second stage low-side・5 N-ch MOSFET, 30 V, 0.00092 Ω@10V, SOP Advance(N), U-MOSⅨ-H

Related Documents

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Such as low power consumption and miniaturization are important in designing server. Toshiba provides information on a wide range of semiconductor products suitable for power supply units, motor driving unit, over temperature monitoring unit, etc., along with circuit configuration examples.


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