How do I use eFuse IC (electronic fuses) and load switch ICs separately?

eFuse IC are used primarily for HDMI®, USB, such as servers, datacenters, and storage systems used for hot-plug/hot-swapping (hot-line insertion and removal). Hot-swap means that connectors and boards are plugged in and unplugged while power is supplied to the system. At this time, overvoltage or overcurrent may be applied to the board or system to be replaced. In order to protect the system from such abnormal conditions, eFuse IC provides the optimum protection ICs. Some eFuse ICs are certified under the International Safety Standards IEC62368-1.

In contrast, load switch ICs are mainly used to reduce standby power and to set power supply sequences. The load switch IC also has a built-in protection function similar to that of eFuse IC, but eFuse IC is a power management IC with a built-in function that shuts down the output in a very short period of time when short-circuit protection, etc., enabling maintenance-free operation of the system with a function as a fuse.

Hot-swap  example / Load switch IC usage example

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