Description High-performance microcontroller incorporates routine processing hardware “Vector engine" for motor vector control, in spite of its compact package (SSOP30). In addition to that, it incorporates 64KB Flash memory, 4KB RAM and an operational amplifier and requires only a single 5V supply for operation.
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NANO FLASH is a trademark of Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation.

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name SSOP30-P-300-0.65
Package Image SSOP30-P-300-0.65
Pins 30
Mounting Surface Mount
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Property Value Unit
Group Name M370 -
Number of bits 32 bit
ROM size 64 Kbyte
ROM type Flash -
RAM size 4 Kbyte
internal data bus width 32 bit
I/O Port 21 port
I2C/SIO 1 ch
vector engine Available -
Timer/counter(16bit) 4 ch
Op amp 1 ch
3-phase PWM output 1 ch
A/D converters(12bit) 4 ch
watchdog timer Available -
Power-on reset circuit Available -
Voltage detecting circuit Available -
Oscillation frequency detector Available -
On-chip debug function Available -
JTAG (Debug) Available -
trace func Available -
Clock gear function Available -
Interrupt controllers 3 pins
incremental encoder input 1 ch
Multiply and accumulation unit Available -
Supply Voltage
Operation Frequency
Operating Temp
Minimum instruction
execution time (µsec)
4.5 to 5.5 1 to 40 -40 to 105 0.025

Development Systems

Purchase and Sample
Please contact one of Toshiba's official distributors or the nearest Toshiba sales office.
You can search for and purchase a small on-line sample by clicking on the following link.


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