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중고 내압 MOSFET 최신 제품 소개

4세대 600V 초접합(Super-Junction) MOSFET DTMOSⅣ 시리즈

  • Process technology

    Toshiba has developed the Gen-4 super-junction 600-V, 650-V and 800-V DTMOSⅣ MOSFET series. Fabricated using the state-of-the-art single epitaxial process, DTMOSⅣ provides a 30% reduction in Ron・A, a figure of merit (FOM) for MOSFETs, compared to its predecessor, DTMOSⅢ. A reduction in Ron・A makes it possible to house lower Ron chips in the same packages. This helps to improve the efficiency and reduce the size of power supplies.

  • Features

    1. 30% reduction in Ron・A, a MOSFET figure of merit, compared to the predecessor (DTMOSⅢ)

    This figure compares the performance of DTMOSⅣ and its predecessor, DTMOSⅢ.

    2. Lower increase in on-resistance at high temperatures due to the use of a single epitaxial process

    This figure compares on-resistance increases at high temperatures between DTMOSⅣ and competitors' devices.

    3. 12% reduction in switching loss, Eoss, compared to the predecessor (DTMOSⅢ) owing to a reduction in Coss
    • DTMOS Ⅳ: Eoss Curve

    This figure shows the Eoss curve of DTMOSⅣ.

    • Efficiency Comparisons Among Products with the Same Ron

    This figure compares the efficiency of DTMOS series and competitors' devices with the same on-resistance.

    4. Available with a wide range of on-resistance, R DS(ON) : 0.9 Ω – 0.018 Ω max
    5. Various packaging options
    • Through-hole: TO-220, TO-220SIS, IPAK, I2PAK, TO-3P(N), TO-3P(L), TO-247
    • Surface-mount: DPAK, D2PAK

  • Development Roadmap

    This figure shows the development roadmap for the DTMOS series and competitors' devices.

도시바는 4세대 600V 초접합(Super-Junction) MOSFET DTMOSⅣ 시리즈를 개발했습니다. 최신 싱글 에피 텍셜 공정 적용을 통해 기존 제품 (DTMOSⅢ) 대비 성능 지수 Ron · A에서 30% 감소 및 큰폭의 성능 향상을 실현하고 있습니다. Ron · A의 개선은 낮은 온 저항 칩을 보다 많은 패키지에 탑재 가능케 하여 전력 효율 개선을 실현 함과 동시에 소형화에 크게 기여합니다.


N-ch Super Junction

개발 로드맵


1. 성능 지수 Ron・A는 기존 제품 (DTMOSⅢ) 대비 30% 감소

2. 싱글 에피 텍셜 공정에 의해 고온일 때 온 저항 상승이 적음

3. Coss의 감소로 인하여 Eoss (스위칭 손실)은 기존 제품 (DTMOSⅢ) 대비 12 % 감소

  • DTMOS Ⅳ: Eoss 특성
  • 동일 Ron 제품에 의한 효율 비교

4. 폭넓은 온 저항 (R DS(ON) max) 라인업 : 0.9 Ω – 0.018 Ω


Name outline Date of issue
Evolution of Devices Supporting Power
Electronics and Expansion of Technologies for
Mounting, Circuits, and Application to Products

user registration

Optimising power deisng through MOSFET efficiency and intergration 8/2017

user registration

Cordless Power Tools: Delivering High Output Power, Extended Operation and Smaller Form Factors 10/2017

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Describes the features of the new package and an operation analysis using simulation 9/2017

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Application note

Application note
Name outline Date of issue
The high dv / dt between the drain and the source of the MOSFET can cause problems and explain the cause of this phenomenon and its countermeasures. 12/2017
Describes mechanism of avalanche phenomenon, I will explain durability and countermeasures against it 12/2017
describes how to reduce the chip temperature of discrete semiconductor devices. 12/2017
describes how to calculate the temperature of discrete semiconductor devices. 12/2017
discusses temperature derating of the MOSFET safe operating area. 12/2017
When a rapidly rising voltage is applied between the drain and source of the MOSFET,the MOSFET may malfunction and turn on, and its mechanism and countermeasures will be explained. 12/2017
Describes planar, trench and super-junction power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes the absolute maximum ratings, thermal impedance and safe operating area of power MOSFETs 11/2016
Describes electrical characteristics shown in datasheets 11/2016
Describes how to select power MOSFETs, temperature characteristics, the impacts of wires and parasitic oscillation, avalanche ruggedness, snubber circuits and so on 11/2016
Describes thermal equivalent circuits, examples of channel temperature calculation and considerations for heatsink attachment 2/2017
Describes the guidelines for the design of a gate driver circuit for MOSFET switching applications and presents examples of gate driver circuits 8/2017

user registration

Describes current imbalance in parallel MOSFETs and the mechanism of parasitic oscillation 8/2017

user registration

Describes the oscillation mechanism of MOSFETs for switching applications 8/2017

user registration


Name outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of MOSFET 12/2017
Describes the lineups of power and small-signal MOSFETs by package 3/2016

5. 다양한 패키지 라인업

제품 라인업

1) DTMOSⅣ(V DSS = 600 V) 제품 라인업

2) DTMOSⅣ(VDSS = 600 V) High-Speed Switching Type product Lineup

max (Ω)
DFN8x8 TO-220 TO-220SIS TO-247 TO-247
0.125 - 0.135 TK25V60X TK25E60X TK25A60X TK25N60X TK25Z60X
0.088 - 0.098 TK31V60X TK31E60X TK31N60X TK31Z60X
0.065 TK39N60X TK39Z60X
0.040 TK62N60X TK62Z60X

2) DTMOSⅣ(VDSS = 600 V) 고속 스위칭 타입 제품 라인업

max (Ω)
DPAK D2PAK DFN8x8 TO-220 TO-220SIS TO-3P(N) TO-247
(0.99) TK5P60W5 TK5A60W5
0.65 - 0.67 TK7P60W5 TK7A60W5
0.54 - 0.56 TK8P60W5 TK8A60W5
0.45 TK10A60W5
0.23 - 0.24 TK16G60W5 TK16V60W5 TK16E60W5 TK16A60W5 TK16J60W5 TK16N60W5
0.175 - 0.185 TK20V60W5 TK20E60W5 TK20A60W5 TK20J60W5 TK20N60W5
0.14 - 0.15 TK25V60X5 TK25E60X5 TK25A60X5 TK25N60X5
0.099 - 0.109 TK31V60W5 TK31J60W5 TK31N60W5
0.074 TK39J60W5 TK39N60W5
0.045 TK62J60W5 TK62N60W5

4) DTMOSⅣ(VDSS = 650 V) 제품 라인업

3) DTMOSⅣ(VDSS = 600 V) 고속 다이오드 내장품 제품 라인업

max (Ω)
1.2 - 1.22 TK5P65W TK5Q65W TK5A65W
1.0 - 1.05 TK6P65W TK6Q65W TK6A65W
0.78 - 0.80
0.65 - 0.67 TK8P65W TK8Q65W TK8A65W
0.5 - 0.56 TK9P65W TK9Q65W TK9A65W
 0.39 - 0.44   TK11P65W TK11Q65W TK11A65W
0.25 TK14C65W TK14G65W TK14V65W TK14E65W TK14A65W TK14N65W
0.2 TK17C65W TK17V65W TK17E65W TK17A65W TK17N65W
0.11 TK28V65W TK28E65W TK28A65W TK28N65W
0.08 TK35A65W TK35N65W
0.055 TK49N65W

5) DTMOSⅣ(VDSS = 650 V) 고속 다이오드 내장품 제품 라인업

max (Ω)
  I2PAK      D2PAK TO-220 TO-220SIS TO-247
0.3 TK14C65W5 TK14G65W5 TK14E65W5 TK14A65W5 TK14N65W5
0.23 TK17A65W5
0.13 TK28N65W5
0.095 TK35A65W5 TK35N65W5
  0.057    TK49N65W5

6) DTMOSV(VDSS = 600 V) product Lineup

max (Ω)
0.56 TK560P60Y TK560A60Y
0.38 TK380P60Y TK380A60Y
0.29 TK290P60Y TK290A60Y

7) DTMOSV(VDSS = 650 V) product Lineup

max (Ω)
0.56 TK560P65Y TK560A65Y
0.38 TK380P65Y TK380A65Y
0.29 TK290P65Y TK290A65Y

8) DTMOSⅣ(VDSS = 800 V) product Lineup

max (Ω)
TO-220 TO-220SIS
0.95 TK7E80W TK7A80W
0.55 TK10E80W TK10A80W
0.45 TK12E80W TK12A80W
0.29 TK17E80W TK17A80W
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