Power supply circuit

Example of constant voltage power supply circuit

Power supply circuit


TVS diode

Part number DF2B29FU DF2S23P2FU DF2S23P2CTC
Package SOD-323 (USC) SOD-963 (CST2C)
VESD [kV] ±25 ±30
VRWM (Max) [V] ±24 21
C(Typ.) [pF] 9 160
RDYN (Typ.) [Ω] 1.1 0.13

Small surface mount LDO regulator

Part number TAR5S50U TAR5S50 TAR5SB50
Package SOT-353F (UFV) SOT-25 (SMV)
VIN  [V] 2.4 to 15
IOUT (Max) [mA] 200
VDO (Typ.) [mV] 130
PSRR (Typ.) [dB] 70
IB(ON) (Typ.) [μA] 170


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