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The information presented in this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's selection criteria and should be treated as a suggestion only. Please carefully review the latest versions of all relevant information on the TOSHIBA products, including without limitation data sheets and validate all operating parameters of the TOSHIBA products to ensure that the suggested TOSHIBA products are truly compatible with your design and application.
Please note that this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's estimate of compatibility with other manufacturers' products, based on other manufacturers' published data, at the time the data was collected.
TOSHIBA is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information. Information is subject to change at any time without notice.

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It looks as if the function call returns an unintended value.


  • This problem can be caused by the wrong function prototype or if types of some or all arguments passed by a function call are different from the types of corresponding arguments in the function declaration. In these cases, warning messages are returned from C compiler and you should be careful about the messages.
  • You should be careful about "implicit function declaration". Calling a function without a function prototype will process all the arguments and return the value of the function as int. Warning message for a function call without a function prototype will be suppressed unless the higher warning level options are specified. So, it may easily happen that the "implicit function declaration" is overlooked.


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