L-MOS LVP series


Function1 Gate
Function2 2-Input/NOR with Level Shifting
Input type Input-Tolerant
Output type Power-down-Protection
Number of Circuits 1
RoHS Compatible Product(s) (#) Available

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name SOT-353 (USV)
Package Image USV
Package Code SOT-353
Pins 5
Mounting Surface Mount
Package Dimensions View
Land pattern dimensions View
CAD data
(Symbol, Footprint and 3D model)
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Electrical Characteristics

Characteristics Symbol Condition Value Unit
Supply voltage (Max) VCC - 3.6 V
Supply voltage (Min) VCC - 2.3 V
Operating temperature Topr - -40 to 125
Output current (Min) IO - 8.0 mA
Propagation delay time (Typ.) tpd_tpz - 3.2 ns
Propagation delay time (Max) tpd_tpz - 4.4 ns
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Orderable part number

Orderable part number
MOQ(pcs) Reliability
RoHS Note
7UL1T02FU,LF 3000 - Yes General Use


Solid State Drive
Such as low power consumption and miniaturization are important in designing solid state drive (SSD). Toshiba provides information on a wide range of semiconductor products suitable for power supply/power supply management units, surge/ESD protection circuit units, over temperature monitoring unit, etc., along with circuit configuration examples.

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