Development Environment

Arm®Core-Based Microcontroller Development Environment

You can choose among a wide range of development tool partners for Arm® Core-based microcontroller development environment. Choose the best development tools and partners that suit your needs.

* Arm is a registered trademark of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.

Toshiba's Original Core-Based Microcontroller Development Environment

Toshiba offers a complete line of TLCS family development environment to support customers in each phase of program development from design to evaluation.

Development tool software

A development tool is available for each product in the following configuration.

Product name

Series / Family

Part Number


Host OS

Integrated Development Environment(Includes C compiler)

TLCS-870/C1 Series



Windows® 10

Flash Programmer


TLCS-870/C1 Series

TX Family

TXZ+ Family



Windows® 10

(Note-1) Use 3rd party Flash Programmer for mass production.

Development Environment for Not Recommended for New Design and EOL announced products

It is not recommended to use any devices listed on this page for new designs. Some of these have been discontinued.


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