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Bluetooth® wireless technology ICs

Bluetooth® classic/low energy dual and Bluetooth® low energy(LE) are widely used by audio, mobile, wearable and healthcare devices. In the coming years, Bluetooth  classic/low energy dual and Bluetooth® low energy devices will become increasingly pervasive. For over ten years, Toshiba has been serving as a Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) (Note 1) Promoter contributing to the wider uptake of Bluetooth solutions. Toshiba is a leading source of Bluetooth connectivity ICs and original Bluetooth protocols and profiles.

(Note 1: The SIG oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to manufacturers)

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Third-party Software and Hardware Support

Toshiba wireless products are used by multiple third-party hardware and software suppliers to offer more customized offerings for specific market segments. Below is a list of companies that offer products based on Toshiba Bluetooth ICs.



Fanstel Corp

A range of Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready and WiFi modules.


Bluetooth software stack for Toshiba Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.


Panasonic PAN1026 Series Place and Play Bluetooth module

Bluetooth® applications

Bluetooth Applications

Bluetooth® standards and product lineup

Bluetooth® low energy

Toshiba’s Bluetooth LE devices feature very low power consumption. Our Gen-II LE devices, which are compliant with Bluetooth V4.2, realize the industry’s lowest-in-class power consumption of 3.3 mA in Tx mode and 3.3 mA in Rx mode. These LE devices are ideal for small mobile applications operated by a button cell and help enhance the value of end-user products.

Product name Toshiba LE generation Peak
Core Spec
Status Automotive Other features
TC35678 / 679 Generation2 3.3mA@Tx
ES checkedTC35679 Integrated Flash
TC35675 / 676 / 667 / 670 Generation1 5.9mA@Tx
V4.1 MP checkedTC35667 Integrated Flash
Integrated NFC Tag

Bluetooth® classic / low energy dual

Although Bluetooth low energy (LE) is gaining wider use in smartphones, many smartphones support only Bluetooth classic still remain in the market. Toshiba’s Bluetooth classic/LE dual devices provide connectivity for both smartphones. Toshiba also offers automotive-grade Bluetooth classic/LE dual devices to meet the needs of various applications.

Product name Bluetooth Core Spec Status Profile option Automotive Other features
TC35661 V4.0
MP checked checked WBS

Bluetooth® classic

Toshiba’s Bluetooth classic devices implement its own protocol stacks and profiles designed to provide a high-quality connection with smartphones and PCs. These devices are ideal for EDR-based high-speed communication applications.

Product name Bluetooth Core Spec Status Profile option Automotive Other features
TC35661 V4.2 MP checked checked -
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* Bluetooth® is registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
* Partly reproduced from the website of Bluetooth® SIG.


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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.