Programming Language: Assembly Language

Assembly language
Figure 1. Assembly language

The assembly language introduces symbolic words with a one-to-one correspondence to a machine language.
The operation of the instruction can be associated with the symbol using alphabets and numbers. It is called mnemonic notation.

It is an example of a program written in the assembly language.
In the first line “LD A, 0x55”, it means that 0x55 data is LD (Load) to A register, that is, transferring.

Machine language that varies by manufacturers
Figure 2. Machine language that varies by manufacturers

The assembly language has different grammar and notation depending on the microcontroller.
Therefore, when using a different microcontroller, it is necessary to learn the assembly language of the new microcontroller.

Chapter 3 Hardware and Software of Microcontrollers

The Role of Software
Execution of Software
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