Over temperature detection solution with Thermoflagger™

Thermoflagger™ in combination with PTC thermistors helps to configure a simple over temperature detection solution and saves power.

What is Thermoflagger™?

Thermal management is important to ensure optimal performance and protect electronic devices from thermal damage.
Toshiba's Thermoflagger™ over-temperature detection ICs offer an over temperature protection solution in combination with PTC thermistors or temperature sensor ICs.

Thermoflagger™ circuit example

Thermoflagger™ operation

The resistance of PTC thermistors rises with temperature. When several PTC thermistors are connected in series with a constant current source inside the Thermoflagger™, the Thermoflagger™ can detect the PTC thermistor voltage using an internal comparator and constant current source. In case of an over temperature condition the resistor value of the PTC thermistors(s) rises and terminal voltage at the comparator rises. The Thermoflagger™ detects this as the result of a temperature change beyond the temperature set as the normal state.

Normal state
Over temperature state (1)
Over temperature state (2)

Comparison with temperature sensor IC

General temperature sensor ICs can measure temperature at a specific point, however it is necessary to place an IC at each point where the temperature is to be measured.
Toshiba's Thermoflagger™ solution can detect several points using external PTC thermistors. A more robust over temperature protection solution can be realized by combining Toshiba's Thermoflagger™ with general temperature sensor IC(s).

Over temperature protection solution by temperature sensor ICs / Over temperature protection solution by Thermoflagger™
Product General temperature sensor ICs Toshiba Thermoflagger™
Temperature sensors Integrated External PTC thermistor(s)
Temperature setting I2C (example) Select PTC thermistor(s)
Detect points One point for one IC
Several points for several ICs
Several points for one IC

Note: Examples of typical competitor product specifications

Reference Design

Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuit
This reference design provides design guide, data and other contents of Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuit which can detect over temperature at multiple places within an equipment using PTC thermistor(s).


Thermoflagger™ (Over temperature detection IC)


Sokud State Drive, Server, Tablet Device and other applications that require thermal management.

Solid State Drive
Tablet Device

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