Load Switch IC TCK301G, TCK302G, TCK303G Application & Circuit

This reference design provides example circuit of the load switch with low on resistance and built-in in-rush current control function. It is suitable for battery used application.

Main switch of a rapid-charging circuit of load switch IC TCK301G, TCK302G, TCK303G application & circuit.


  • Small package: 0.5 mm pitch WCSP9 ( 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm, t: 0.5 mm (Typ.)) , PD = 1.65 W
  • High input voltage: VIN (Max) = 28 V
  • High output current: IOUT (DC) = 3.0 A
  • Low ON resistance : RON = 73 mΩ (Typ.) at VIN = 4.5 V, IOUT = - 1.0 A
  • Inrush current reducing circuit ( slew rate control )
  • Over voltage lockout circuit : 6.6 V at 301G, 10.5 V at 302G, and 15.5 V at 303G (Typ.)
  • Under voltage lockout circuit: 2.9 V (Typ.)


  • Operation and application of the slew rate control circuitry designed for inrush current limiting
  • Main switches of USB PD-enabled rapid-charging circuits for electronic devices with USB Type-C™ ports
  • Main switches of 5- to 12-V power supply input circuits that support various modes of rapid charging and wireless power transfer
  • Switches for the power management of systems requiring power-saving modes
Vout and Iout waveforms of load switch IC TCK301G, TCK302G, TCK303G application & circuit.
Vout and Iout waveforms

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