Smart Gate Driver Coupler TLP5214A Inverter Application

This reference design provides example circuits, design guide of built-in functions and thermal design guide for applying TLP5214A to inverter circuit as gate driver.

Inverter application example of smart gate driver coupler TLP5214A inverter application.
Inverter application block diagram exampl of smart gate driver coupler TLP5214A inverter application.


  • Highly integrated 4.0 A output current IGBT gate drive photocoupler
  • Build-in IGBT non-saturation detection function, active mirror clamp function and Fault signal feedback function
  • Minimize circuit design effort, number of components and PCB area
  • Wide operating temperature range : -40 to 110 ℃
  • Isolation voltage : 5000Vrms(min.)


  • Introduction of example circuits of TLP5214A for inverter application
  • Design guidelines of overcurrent protection and thermal design

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Used Toshiba Items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
Photocoupler (photo-IC output) Inverter * 6 Photocoupler (photo-IC output), IGBT driver, IOP=+/-4.0 A, 5000 Vrms, SO16L
Photocoupler(Isolation Amplifier) signal amplifier * 1 Photocoupler(Isolation Amplifier), Analog output, 5000 Vrms, SO8L(LF4)
Discrete IGBT Inverter * 6 600 V/33 A IGBT, Built-in Diodes, TO-3P(N)

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