What is important when selecting a variable-capacitance diode?

Variable capacitance diode should be selected.

A range of tuning voltage (VT) is specified for each variable-capacitance diode.

The minimum and maximum capacitances of a variable-capacitance diode are determined by its maximum and minimum tuning voltages.

We are preparing a product list (Parametric Search) with minimum and maximum capacity values, so please check here.

Parametric Search URL: https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/list/index.php?code=param_209&lang=en

See the datasheets for the tuning voltages that provide the minimum and maximum capacitances.

When using it with an oscillator etc., attention must also be paid to the series resistance rS which determines Q (Quality Factor).

Since the above table also shows the series resistance (rS), please refer to when selecting it.

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