Mobile Radio IC


Feature SPI/EEPROM control / Low Current comsumption 5μA / Quick start-up time
Application Scope Wireless communication system
Components PLL / VCO / Mixer / IF filter / PA / ASK detection / FM0 MODEM / Wake UP detection
Dry Packed Products Available
RoHS Compatible Product(s) (#) Available

Package Information

Toshiba Package Name P-VQFN32-0505-0.50-002
Package Image P-VQFN32-0505-0.50-002
Pins 32
Mounting Surface Mount
Package Dimensions View
Land pattern dimensions View

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Electrical Characteristics

Characteristics Symbol Condition Value Unit
IF operating frequency - - 5 MHz
Current consumption - - standby 5μA
RX 35mA
Supply Voltage (Max) VCC - 3.6 V
Supply Voltage (Min) VCC - 1.8 V


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