TCD2726DG meets the demand by improving the performance with the 100 MHz (50 MHz x 2 ch) data rate, against the 70 MHz (35 MHz x 2 ch) data rate of Toshiba’s current sensor[1].

To prevent increased electromagnetic interference (EMI), a negative side effect of a faster clock rate, the new sensor incorporates a timing generator circuit and has a lower CCD driver pin count. This reduces EMI- and timing-adjustment work for customers, and the number of peripheral parts, contributing to easier system development.

[1]: TCD2724DG-1

Key Features

  • High-speed CCD linear image sensor:100 MHz (50 MHz x 2 ch) data rate
  • Built-in features:Built-in Timing Generator circuit and CCD driver
  • Low power consumption:10 V power supply voltage for amplifier circuit lowered to 3.3 V[2]

[2] 10 V power supply is used partially. Dual power supply of 3.3 V and 10 V.


  • A3 multifunction printers, automated optical inspection equipment

Product Introduction

Part number TCD2726DG
Effective number of Image Sensing Elements 7500 elements by 3 lines
Image Sensing Element Size 4.7 μm × 4.7 μm
Power Supply AVDD, DVDD, CKDVDD : 3.1 V to 3.5 V
VDD10 : 9.5 V to 10.5 V
Data rate 100 MHz (50 MHz × 2 ch)
Package 32 PIN CERDIP
Package Size 53.60 mm  (L) × 9.65 mm  (W) 
Function Timing Generator circuit, CCD driver

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