M4K Group Sample Software

This page provides a sample software download service for the M4K group.

Motor Control Sample Software

MCU Motor Studio

Motor Software Development Kit for CLICKER 4 FOR TMPM4K

MCU Motor Studio Description
Motor Control PC Tool
  • Dynamic Modification of Motor Parameters, System Settings, and PI Control Parameters
  • Logging various parameters during motor operation
  • Real-time Monitoring of Speed, Torque, Current, Motor Control State
Motor Control Firmware
  • Sinewave Commutaion & Field Oriented Control (Vector Control)
  • Speed, Position control method including sensor-less and 1/3-Shunt current detection scheme
  • Protection:Over Current/Stall/Over and Under Voltage/Motor Disconnection
Name Date

MCU board: Clicker 4 for TMPM4K

Inverter board: Clicker 4 Inverter Shield

Brushless DC Motor Control

Motor Software Development Kit for SBK-M4KN-KIT

Function Description
Brushless DC Motor Control with Vector Engine
  • Control the direction of motor rotation
  • Switch the motor modulation method (DPWM, CPWM)
  • Motor speed control by slide switch
  • Analog output from DAC for evaluation
  • Inverter board temperature detection with thermistor

TMPM4KN Development Kit: SBK-M4KN-KIT

Peripheral Sample Software

Basic operation of peripherals

  • The PJ file for IDE supports each of IAR Embedded Workbench® /Arm® Keil® MDK/ SEGGER Embedded Studio.
  • Updated software configuration to enhance portability.
Sample Software/Function Description
Advanced Encoder Input Circuit A_ENC32 The rotation is detected by the rotary encoder in the encoder mode. The LED blink frequency depends on the count value.
Analog/Digital Converter ADC A program that will display the value , which is measured voltage from a potentiometer.
Clock/Mode Control CG Switch to the Low Power Consumption Mode (IDLE/STOP1) by the push SW port input as a trigger. Turn on and off the LED depending on the Operation Mode.
CRC CRC Communication with CRC code is added between 2 TSPIs and the received data is output to terminal software.
Digital Noise Filter DNF This sample software detects the external interrupt signal that is generated by the switch via the DNF.
Serial Bus Interface El2C/I2C Sample software is communication sample between 2 evaluation boards. And multi master sample software that read EEPROM using 2 evaluation boards.
Flash Control FLASH 1. Example of running a program in the internal RAM and performing delete and rewrite of the internal flash memory
2. Example of rewriting the data flash memory and the user information area of code flash memory
Voltage Detection Circuit LVD This sample software compares the supply voltage with the detection voltage.
Oscillation Frequency Detector OFD This sample software detect error of external high speed oscillator by compare to set frequency width.
I/O port PORT Key presses are determined by polling process to turn on (turn off) the LED.
RAM Parity RAMP Add RAM parity to the character string input using the write command from the terminal software and save it in the RAM. Do a parity check on the data saved in RAM with the Read command and display it to the terminal software.
Clock Selective Watchdog Timer SIWDT Example in which an NMI interrupt occurs and an example in which the clear code is periodically written and an NMI interrupt does not occur.
32-bit Timer Event Counter T32A 1. A clock frequency input from outside is measured using the capture function
2. Example of using the timer interrupt to turn on / off the LED every second
3. Output example of duty-variable PPG (programmable square wave)
Trimming Circuit TRM The frequency of the internal high-speed oscillator is adjusted using an external reference signal.
Serial Peripheral Interface  TSPI It communicates using 2 ch TSPI and outputs data to terminal software.
Asynchronous Serial Communication Circuit
UART 1. Example of receiving the character string from a terminal emulato
2. Example of sending the character string to a terminal emulator
Name Date

MCU Evaluation Board: SBK-M4KN SBK-M4KN10


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