TLCS-870/C1 Series Development Environment

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TOSHIBA Integrated Development Environment

Product name

Integrated Development Environment

Part Number

SW00MN0-ZCC (Note-1)

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Host OS

Windows® 10 

(Note-1) C compiler is included in the Integrated Development Environment.

TOSHIBA Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

TOSHIBA Integrated Development (TIDE)

The build manager (compiler) and debugger operate in the TOSHIBA integrated development environment (IDE). Furthermore, installation of the standard text editor enables smooth linking from coding to debugging, effectively supporting application development.

Comfortable Development Environment Equivalent to Software Development Environment for Personal Computer

  • Seamless Linking from Compilation to Debugging
    Debugging can be readily started by operating only one button. The file to be compiled is automatically determined and, if necessary, compiled and linked to start the debugger. The user needs not to be aware of updating of the file.

  • Capable of Correcting the Program Being Debugged
    The program can be corrected in the Debug screen by using the built-in editor. Your favorite editor can be also built in for use.

  • User-friendly User Interface
    Provides excellent operability through GUI.

Build Feature

Image of Build Manager

The TOSHIBA Integrated Development Environment improves development efficiency and provides user-friendly operability by linking the major development processes (coding, building, debugging) of the program. Freed from specifying the complicated options of the compiler or linkers and the requirement to master the commands, an application developer can concentrate on the development and quality improvement of the program itself. A development application is managed as a project.

  • Options can be easily set by GUI.

Image of Build Manager

Compile Option Setting Screen
  • Excellent operability is realized by GUI.
  • Options can be easily set by GUI without the requirement to master option commands. Further, options can be easily switched over by setting plural configurations of options and changing them over.
  • Capable of hierarchical control of projects.
  • Capable of searching in the files.
  • Dependency between projects can be visually shown.

Compile Option Setting Screen

Dependency View
  • An easy setting of compile option is realized by GUI operation.

Dependency View

  • Dependency between projects is comprehensibly shown.
  • Dependency between projects is configured by mouse operation

Text Editor Feature

  • Capable of not only coding, but correcting a program in the screen in the midst of debugging.
  • Capable of searching in the files.


Image of debugger screen
  • Capable of directly editing the source code in the debugging.
  • Capable of transferring the data between various debug features, allowing intuitive operation.
    (Drag & drop feature)(Right-click allowed)
  • Capable of saving user's optional debugging environment to switch it for use.
    (Profile feature)
  • Capable of debugging only in the PC environment by the simulator.
    (Event trigger action feature)
Example of Linking from the Trace Window to Each of the Windows

Example of Linking from the Trace Window to Each of the Windows

Example of Linking from the Editor to Each of the Windows

Example of Linking from the Editor to Each of the Windows

Profile Feature

Profile Feature
Capable of saving multiple debugger setting files to switch them for use.

Event Trigger Action Feature

Event Trigger Action Feature
When the program is placed in a certain state (generation of an event), some action (trigger action) can be user-defined. The following lists the user-definable types of trigger actions.

  • Interrupt
    Capable of generating a periodic interrupt or multiinterrupt. The interrupt level register operates in the way identical to the actual machine.
  • Data Input
    Capable of generating an optional data sequence or normal distribution random numbers to input them to an optional port.
  • I/O Stream
    Capable of transferring the data to other application or reading the data from other application, using socket communication.

Example of Defining the Trigger Action Which Starts the Interrupt INTRTC in 20 Cycles after Generation of the Event at Period of 250 Cycles.

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