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Thyristor-Output Photocouplers


Thyristor-output photocouplers are used to control AC loads that are directly connected to a 100-Vac or 200-Vac commercial power supply or to protect power supplies, etc. against overvoltage conditions. An AC load of several amperes to several tens of amperes can be controlled with an LED current of 10+ mA by using a thyristor-output photocoupler in tandem with a power triac.


List of thyristor-output photocouplers

Clearance / Creepage Distance 4 mm 7 or 8 mm* 7 mm
Peak Repetitive Off-State Forward Voltage,
Isolation Voltage,
BVs (Vrms)



400 2500 TLP148G
600 2500 TLP548J TLP549J
4000 TLP748J

* TLP748J with clearance and creepage distances of 8 mm are available.
To order photocouplers in a package with guaranteed clearance and creepage distances of 8 mm, suffix the part number with the letter F.
Example: TLP748JF

Product List

List of Thyristor-Output Photocouplers
You can search the entire list of thyristor-output photocouplers, based on characteristics.

Features of Thyristor-Output Photocouplers

  • Half-wave control over a commercial power supply with up to 600 V peak repetitive off-state voltage
  • Small DC holding current of less than 1 mA ideal for shutdown circuit applications for a commercial power supply
  • Reduces the power consumption and package size of limiting resistors for a commercial power supply
Other Photocouplers/Photorelays

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