Brushless Motor

Course outline
Brushless motors have been rapidly developed for a wide range of fields in recent years, due to the development of strong permanent magnets, the ease of inverter control using semiconductors, and the increased awareness of energy conservation.
Learn the basic knowledge and functions necessary to understand brushless motors and their control methods.

Target reader
People who are interested in brushless motors.

Learning time for this course
1 hour approx.

Chapter 1 What is a Brushless Motor

History of Brushless Motors
What is a Brushless Motor (2)
Application Examples of Brushless Motors

Chapter 2 Driving Principle of a Brushless Motor

Brushed DC Motors and Brushless Motors
Sequence of a Brushed DC Motor
Relation Between a Pole, a Phase, and a Slot

Chapter 3 Technical Explanation of a Brushless Motor

What is PWM?
What is an Inverter?
What is a Driver?

Chapter 4 Let's Try to Rotate a Motor

Configuration of Sine-Wave Drive
To Start with Sine-Wave Drive