Logic Circuit

Three types of basic logic element
Three types of basic logic element

Now, let's learn about the logic circuit of a microcontroller.

The logic here means that the relation between the input and output of the digital signal handled by the electronic circuit is performed according to a certain theory. The electronic circuit that performs this is called the logic circuit.
Microcontrollers consist of extremely complex logic circuits. Every logic circuit consists of a combination of three types of the basic logic element.

Chapter 1 Basics of Digital Circuits

Digital Value
Digital Value: Binary and Decimal
Digital Value: Units of Binary Data
Digital Value: Notation Method of Data
Digital Value: Conversion Method of the Data
Logic Circuit: AND Circuit
Logic Circuit: OR Circuit
Logic Circuit: NOT Circuit
Logic Circuit: Exclusive OR (XOR) Circuit
Logic Circuit: 3 State Buffer (1)
Logic Circuit: 3 State Buffer (2)
Logic Circuit: Application Example of Logic Circuits
Logic Circuit: RS flip-flop Circuit
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