5 Elements of Microcontrollers

5 elements of microcontrollers
5 elements of microcontrollers

Humans input the information through their eyes and ears, and perform calculations and memorize by thinking.
They speak and write the results using their body parts.
It can be said that brains and nerves control whole body to unify its movements.

Like humans, microcontrollers store the information input from switches, keyboards, sensors, etc., perform calculations, and output the results as the data.
Therefore, the microcontroller must also satisfy the five basic elements of input, calculation, storage, output, and control.

These are called five elements of microcontrollers.

Chapter 2 History and Five Elements of Microcontrollers

History of Microcontrollers
History of Microcontrollers: Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Microcontrollers
CPU (Calculation, Control)
Memory (Storage)
Memory Type (RAM & ROM)
I/O (Input, Output)
Bus Line
Bus Line Type
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