Memory (Storage)

Writing operation to memory
Writing operation to memory

Second of the five elements, we will explain about the memory that is in charge of storage.
Memory has two operations: Memorizing, and reading storage data and instructions.
Normally, either the "Memorizing" or "Reading" operation is selected by the signal from the CPU.

In the case of a microcontroller, the "Memorizing" operation is said to "write" because the CPU instructs to the memory for "writing".

Reading operation to memory
Reading operation to memory

The "Reading" operation is said to "Read" because it reads from the memory.

Memory is categorized into a code area and a data area.
The code area is where it places the program.
The data area is where it places the data.

Chapter 2 History and Five Elements of Microcontrollers

History of Microcontrollers
History of Microcontrollers: Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Microcontrollers
5 Elements of Microcontrollers
CPU (Calculation, Control)
Memory Type (RAM & ROM)
I/O (Input, Output)
Bus Line
Bus Line Type
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