Memory Type (RAM & ROM)

Memory type (RAM & ROM)
Memory type (RAM & ROM)

The program of the microcontroller is stored in the memory.
There are two types of memory: RAM (Random Access Memory) which can read and write data, and ROM (Read Only Memory) which mainly stores programs as read-only data.
There are various types of RAM and ROM depending on the usage.
In general, RAM loses its stored data when the power is turned off, but ROM does not lose its data when the power is turned off.

Chapter 2 History and Five Elements of Microcontrollers

History of Microcontrollers
History of Microcontrollers: Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Microcontrollers
5 Elements of Microcontrollers
CPU (Calculation, Control)
Memory (Storage)
I/O (Input, Output)
Bus Line
Bus Line Type
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