RF SPDT (Single-Pole Double-Throw that realizes high-power input in a small package.)

Responding to the increase in communication capacity of telecommunication base stations, etc.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation just released RF SPDT switching TCWA1225G with a compact package. TCWA1225G uses Toshiba original CMOS Process for RF transmission path switching circuits used in telecommunications base stations and radio communications equipment. Starts shipping.

In recent years, telecommunications base stations have introduced Massive MIMO[Note 1] and other that use several transmitting and receiving antennae to realize ultra-high-speed and ultra-large-capacity radio communications services. This is represented by 5G. Individual antennas are also increasingly composed of super-multi-element antennas and complex signal transmission paths. When switching between such complex transmission paths, RF switching is generally used. However, this RF must have low insertion-loss, high input-power, etc. It is also required to be small enough so that the number of RF switch will not increase, and the size of antennae and devices will not increase.

The new TCWA1225G offers a high-power, Peak Power Handling Rating 46dBm[Note 2] in a small package of 1.9mm×1.9mm (typ.) , thus contributing to the miniaturization of equipment. In addition, since the insertion loss 0.6dB[Note 3] and the power consumption current are as low as 50μA[Note 4], it contributes to reducing the loss and power consumption of equipment.

Switching can be easily controlled via the built-in GPIO control interface.

[Note 1] Multiple Input Multiple Output
[Note 2] 8dB PAR (Peak-to-Average Ratio)
[Note 3] 5GHz, typical
[Note 4] VDD=3.6V, typical

Main features of the new product

  1. Small packages
  2. High-power input
  3. Low insertion loss

Features Explanation

1. Small packages

2.0mm x 2.0mm (typ.) is the smallest Competitor's alternative with equivalent performance for high-power input RF SPDT switches, but 1.9mm × 1.9mm (typ.) is a small WCSP[Note 5] with a of approximately 10% less mounting area. The highly versatile 0.5mm also eliminates the need for sophisticated mounting techniques and reduces the possibility of short-circuit between terminals during board mounting. In addition, RF terminal, power supply, and control terminal are arranged on the periphery of the package to prevent complicated pattern-design of the board.

[Note 5] Wafer level Chip Scale Package

Small packages

2. High-power input

In order to achieve both miniaturization and high-power inputting, we adopted Toshiba original CMOS process and further optimized the switching circuitry. This has resulted in a small size and 46dBm high-power input 1.9mm × 1.9mm (typ.)[Note 6] compared to 2.0mm x 2.0mm (typ.) packaged and 42dBm peak input power.

3. Low insertion loss

Low insertion loss

In the transmission path switching circuitry of RF signals, RF signal must be made extremely small to prevent a decrease in transmit power and a deterioration in receiver sensibility. TCWA1225G is to achieve 0.6dB (typ.) @5GHz and an insertion-loss that is approximately 0.05dB smaller than Competitor's alternative with equivalent performance.[Note 6] This is achieved by using Toshiba original CMOS Process.

[Note 6] Comparison with similar products. Our survey as of June 2024.

Applied equipment

  • Communication base station
  • Wireless communication equipment
  • Other communications equipment

Main specifications of the product


Product Number


Data Sheet

PDF: 417KB

Absolute maximum ratings

Supply voltage Range VDD(V)

-0.3 to 3.9

Logic Input (LS, CTRL Pad) Vl(V)

-0.3 to 3.9

Peak Power Handling (8dB PAR) Ppk(dBm)


Operating ranges

Supply voltage VDD(V)

3.0 to 3.6

Operation Temperature Topr(°C)

-40 to 95

Electrical characteristics



Insertion loss IL(dB)@5GHz


Isolation ISO(dB)@5GHz


VSWR (-)


Input 1dB compression IP1dB(dBm)@2.6GHz


Input IP3 IIP3(dBm)@2.6GHz


Input IP2 IIP2(dBm)@2.6GHz


Power Consumption Current IDC(μA)@VDD=3.6V



Toshiba name


Sizing(mm) Typ.

1.9 × 1.9

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