Insulated gate driver expands the freedom of inverter drive circuit design

Simplified timing design with built-in protective functions and 2-channel output

As a power element gate driver for various inverters such as industrial inverters, UPSs, and power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation, we have provided a wide range of TLP350. In a medium-to-high power system using this TLP350, buffer transistors were placed in front of the gates of IGBT/MOSFET, and the buffer-driven analogue timing designs were overloaded. In addition, the protection circuits for the power elements had to be designed individually.

The new-product TLP5231 released to reduce the burden of these designs has the following features.

  • Buffer MOSFET and soft turn-off MOSFET are externally configured to simplify timing-design.
  • Microcomputer design is easy because restart from abnormal interruption is automatic
  • It can be operated simply by adjusting the external MOSFET according to the capacitance of the power elements, and can be platformized in basic circuit designing deployment.
  • The fault signal is fed back when the power supply voltage is abnormal (UVLO [Note 1]) and when an overcurrent is detected.
  • The soft turn-off function from overcurrent detection allows power device to be shut off more softly than normal off operation.
  • Prevents breakdown of power elements by suppressing surge voltage rises that occur during abnormal shut-off

As described above, there is a merit of reducing the burden on the designer, so please be sure to consider TLP5231 when miniaturizing/enhancing the functionality including the gate driver peripheral circuits.

[Note1]UVLO:Under Voltage Lock Out

Comparison of “Simple Gate Pre-driver” and “Protective function Gate pre-driver”

Here is the function comparison of TLP5231 and TLP350 introduced above.

Part number

Protective function Gate pre-driver

Stock Checking

Simple Gate pre-driver







Output current rating(max)

2.5 A (Ta = -40℃ to 110℃)

2.5 A (Ta = -40℃ to 100℃)

Isolation voltage (min)

5000 Vrms

3750 Vrms

Common mode transient immunity (min)

±25 kV/µs

±15 kV/µs




Overcurrent detection


Soft turn-off


FAULT signal output

(at UVLO and Overcurrent)


IGBT drive circuit

Here is the comparison of IGBT drive circuit of TLP5231 and TLP350 introduced above.


Protective function Gate pre-driver TLP5231

  • Output terminal: 2 channel
  • Controlling complementally
  • N-ch/P-ch buffer MOSFETs individually

Simple Gate pre-driver TLP350

  • Output terminal: 1 channel
  • Controlling complementally
  • NPN/PNP buffer transistors  by one output

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