Example of load switch circuit with MOSFET Gate Driver IC and N-channel MOSFET.

Combination of Toshiba's Gate Driver IC and MOSFET provide smooth turn ON and OFF load switch with protection function. Using Common dain MOSFET, this solution acheives small size and low loss power line with reverse current blocking.

Example of load switch circuit with MOSFET Gate Driver IC and N-channel MOSFET.

Example of TCK425G and SSM10N954L combination in 5 V power line is shown bellow.

Part Number Features
TCK425G Over Voltage Protection MOSFET Gate Driver IC
Gate source voltage: VGS = 5.6 V (typ.)
Over voltage lock out: VIN_OVLO = 6.31 V (typ.)
Package: WCSP6G
SSM10N954L Common Drain N-channel MOSFET
Source-source voltage: VSSS = 12 V (Max)
Gate-source voltage: ± 8 V (Max)
Source-source on-resistance: 2.1 mΩ (typ.) @ VGS = 4.5 V
Package: TCSPAC-153001
Turn ON, Turn OFF waveform

Smooth turn ON and OFF waveform without any inrush current, overshoot and undershoot of output voltage.

Over Voltage Lock Out waveform

Over voltage lock out (OVLO) function is integrated and it protects over voltage power supply. When input voltage exceeds  OVLO theshold, output truns OFF immidiately by OVLO function. After input voltage falls OVLO threshold, output turns ON.


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