Digital Value

Digital value
Digital value

A digital value is expressed as an integer value.
A digital value expressed in the binary number system is called the binary number.

What the microcontroller can understand is "Whether the voltage is low or high", "Whether current is flowing or not", "On or off", "Is it "1" or "0"?", etc.

Chapter 1 Basics of Digital Circuits

Digital Value: Binary and Decimal
Digital Value: Units of Binary Data
Digital Value: Notation Method of Data
Digital Value: Conversion Method of the Data
Logic Circuit
Logic Circuit: AND Circuit
Logic Circuit: OR Circuit
Logic Circuit: NOT Circuit
Logic Circuit: Exclusive OR (XOR) Circuit
Logic Circuit: 3 State Buffer (1)
Logic Circuit: 3 State Buffer (2)
Logic Circuit: Application Example of Logic Circuits
Logic Circuit: RS flip-flop Circuit