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Features of SiC MOSFET Modules

Our SiC MOSFET modules have been developed for applications such as inverters and converters for railway vehicles, photovoltaic inverters, and industrial motor drives, which require high  current and high voltage, and employ our Third-generation SiC-MOSFET chips to achieve high reliability, wide gate-to-source voltage, and high gate threshold voltage. In addition, the high  heat tolerance and low inductance package brings out the performance of SiC sufficiently.

Comparison of V<sub>GSS</sub>, V<sub>th</sub> with Other Companies’ Products

Our SiC MOSFET modules have a wider gate-to-source voltage (VGSS) standard compared to competitors, making driving designs easier. Higher gate threshold voltage (Vth) specification prevents malfunction.

MG800FXF2YMS3 Circuit diagram
MG800FXF2YMS3 Circuit diagram
Typical MOSFET structure
Typical MOSFET structure
MOSFET built in SBD structure
MOSFET built in SBD structure

The problem was that energizing the parasitic diodes between the drain-source of SiC MOSFET expands the defects in the SiC crystals. Extension of the crystal defect will fluctuate the on-resistance of MOSFET and may also lead to product defects. We have solved this issue by employing a construction in which Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) are placed inside SiC MOSFET in parallel with parasitic diodes. Since the SBD is built into MOSFET chip, the reverse-direction current at reflux flows to the SBD to suppress the energization to the parasitic diode. In addition, by not operating the parasitic diode, the growth of stacking faults that affect reliability is suppressed.

Characteristic Symbol
External Dimensions 140mm×100mm 140mm×130mm
Rated current ID/IC 800A 500A
Maximum channel/junction temperature Tch/Tj 175℃ 150℃
Package inductance LSPN 12nH 30nH

The module developed exclusively for use with SiC MOSFET is smaller than the conventional IGBT module. In addition, high-channel-temperature (TchMax = 175°C) and low-inductance (Lspn=12nH) (Note) ensure high heat tolerance and high-speed performance of SiC.

(Note) MG800FXF2YMS3

Part number Life cycle Circuit configuration Features VDSS
MG600Q2YMS3 Under development 2in1 All SiC MOSFET 1200 600 Standard package
152mm x 62mm
MG400V2YMS3 Under development 1700 400
MG800FXF2YMS3 Under development 3300 800 iXPLV

The product lineup includes three types of all SiC MOSFET Dual with rated voltages ranging from 1200V to 3300V.
We can provide optimal modules for specific applications.


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