MOSFET Gate Driver IC Overview

MOSFET Gate Driver IC is an ON and Off switching control device for external N-channel MOSFET. Toshiba MOSFET Gate Driver ICs have charge pump and protection circuits and they feature ultra small package (1.2 × 0.8 mm), low quiescent current and wide input voltage. Using them with N-channel MOSFET, this solution acheives small size and low loss power line. Toshiba have a variety lineup of Over Voltage Lock Out function.

Fig.1: Load switch circuit (Single High-side, Back-to-Back)
Fig.1: Load switch circuit (Single High-side, Back-to-Back)
Fig.2: Power multiplexer circuit
Fig.2: Power multiplexer circuit

Toshiba MOSFET Gate driver ICs can be used for single high-side, back to back load switches and power multiplexer.

Toshiba Gate Driver ICs can combine many types of Toshiba Nch-MOSFETs. Toshiba have various supports such as providing simulation, switching evaluation and SOA.

Power multiplexer circuit

Power multiplexer circuit with 2 input and 1 output is implemented on a small PCB.
Please visit and download below for more detail

Power multiplexer circuit

Product Number TCK401G TCK402G TCK420G TCK421G TCK422G TCK423G TCK424G TCK425G
Data Sheet PDF(526KB) PDF(3156KB)
Stock Check StockChecking StockChecking StockChecking StockChecking StockChecking StockChecking StockChecking StockChecking
Maximum Input Voltage 
VIN max
40 V
Input Voltage Ranges 
2.7 to 28 V
Gate Drive Voltage 
4 to 10 V (VIN dependence) 10 V 5.6 V
Package WCSP6E
(1.2 × 0.8 mm, t:0.55 mm)
(1.2 × 0.8 mm, t:0.35 mm)
Over Voltage Lockout 
28 V 27.73 V 23.26 V 14.29 V 10.83 V 6.31 V
Under Voltage Lockout 
2.7 V 2 V
Usage Common Source
(Single Hi-side is OK)
Common Drain
(Single Hi-side is OK)

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