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Toshiba has over 40 years of experience in photocouplers, which have been used for a variety of applications, ranging from industrial equipment such as inverters and semiconductor test systems to home appliances and housing equipment such as air conditioners and photovoltaic power generation systems.
Toshiba offers photocouplers that consist of a high-power infrared LED coupled with a photodetector fabricated using the latest process. Certified to major international safety standards, these photocouplers provide high isolation voltage, as well as low power consumption, making them ideal for applications that require enhanced safety and environmental friendliness.

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Product Lineup

Lineup of Photocouplers / PhotorelayIGBT/MOSFET Gate DriveIPM DriveHigh speed CommunicationsPhotorelaysPhotovoltaic OutputTransistor OutputTriac OutputThyistor OutputIsolation Amplifier

AutomotiveIC OutputTransistor OutputPhotorelay

Features of Toshiba Photocouplers

Benefits for System Applications: Enhanced safety, Low power consumption, Small and thin packages, Extensive products

1. Operating temperature range of up to 125°C due to the use of a high-power infrared LED, and low LED current


Toshiba has developed new high-power infrared LEDs with a multi-quantum well (MQW) structure, which are being leveraged across various types of photocouplers such as IC-output and transistor-output photocouplers. Due to the use of a high-reliability design for the MQW LEDs, these photocouplers combine the operating temperature range of up to 125°C, the industry's highest level for insulating devices, and long service life. In the recommended product list, photocouplers that support an operating temperature (Topr) of up to 125°C are marked with theHsymbol.
Toshiba also offers an extensive lineup of photocouplers with an LED current as low as 1 mA by leveraging the characteristics of high-power LEDs. These photocouplers can be directly driven by a microcontroller without an intervening buffer and help reduce system power consumption.

Typical LED current of transistor-output photocouplers during saturation switching

TLP185 with a GaAs LED:10mA → TLP2301 with a GaAlAs (MQW) LED:1mA

Initial guaranteed LED trigger current, IFT, of photorelays

TLP172 with a GaAs LED:3mA → TLP171 with a GaAs (MQW) LED:0.2mA

2. Packages with reinforced insulation

Toshiba offers a wide range of packages with reinforced insulation that are compliant with major international safety standards. With guaranteed clearance and creepage distances of 5 mm and an internal isolation thickness of 0.4 mm, the small surface-mount SO6 package is more stable in isolation performance than other isolation solutions. The EN60747-5-5 standard specifies a maximum operating insulation voltage of 707 V; photocouplers compliant with EN60747-5-5 can be used as replacements for some of their predecessors housed in conventional DIP packages. Designed for flow soldering, these photocouplers make it possible to use common parts across different product lines and save board space.

*As of April 2013

Enhanced Safety Standard

Maximum operating insulation voltage (EN60747-5-5)


Space-Saving by Soldering Photocouplers in SO6 on the Back Side

helps save board space and enhance design flexibility


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