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TLP3543A OFF-state output terminal voltage 30 V, ON-state current 5 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 15 A Measuring Instruments/Factory Automation (FA)
TLP3545A OFF-state output terminal voltage 60 V, ON-state current 4 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 12 A
TLP3546A OFF-state output terminal voltage 100 V, ON-state current 3.5 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 10.5 A
TLP3556A OFF-state output terminal voltage 100 V, ON-state current 2 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 6 A
TLP3558A OFF-state output terminal voltage 200 V, ON-state current 0.7 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 2.1 A

TLP3440S OFF-state output terminal voltage 40 V, ON-state current 0.12 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 0.36 A ATE (Automatic Test Equipment)/Probe Cards
TLP3475S OFF-state output terminal voltage 60 V, ON-state current 0.4 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 1.2 A
TLP176AM OFF-state output terminal voltage 60 V, ON-state current 0.7 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 2.1 A Measuring Instruments/Security Systems
TLP3122A OFF-state output terminal voltage 60 V, ON-state current 1.4 A, ON-state current (pulsed) 4.2 A

Get Your Design Started With Our Evaluation Board More

Get Your Design Started With Our Reference Board

Discover the benefits of replacing a mechanical relay with a Toshiba photorelay.  This photorelay evaluation board replaces a mechanical relay by attaching directly to the mechanical relay mounting board.  The TLP3547on-board is a high capacity type photorelay in a DIP8 package with VOFF 60 V / ION 5A (@ Ta = 25°C).  Request your free evaluation board...



Name Outline Date of issue
Product note for photo couplers and photo relays. This introduces product lineup for each package type. 05/2018
Introduce Toshiba's wide lineups of Photocoupler and Photorelays 09/2017


Name Outline Date of issue
Describes what are Photorelays and how they compare to mehcanical relays for around 70 pages. Also shows application examples. 6/2018

Smallest Package In The Industry*


Toshiba's Photorelay package lineup includes several families in the extremely small VSON series.  The smallest solution available in the industry today is the S-VSON4 package, which has 2mm x 1.45mm mounting area and a high operating temperature of up to 110degC.  If you have space constraint and need a lot of photorelays on your board, the S-VSON/VSON series are the best solution.
This small package size is made possible by Toshiba's unique Chip on Chip (COC) technology.

*Toshiba survey as of March 2018

A long life, maintenance-free


Mechanical relays experience much wear and tear, but by switching to photorelays we can address that concern.  Photorelays are a maintenance free solution with no mechanical contact or wear and tear, which will provide a longer life and higher reliability.  Without repair and replacement costs you can save on the total cost.

A Product Lineup To Match Your Needs


The graph shows the photorelay and signal relay (a kind of mechanical relay, below 2A contact capacity) coverage area.  Toshiba's high capacity (current) photorelays can cover almost all areas of signal relays and address high current applications.  Toshiba photorelays adopt the latest generation of Toshiba’s own MOSFETs.  At the moment the TLP3547 offers the highest current of 5A  at 60V, and the TLP3543A at 30V in a DIP package which is smaller than an SIL package.  Toshiba also have various types of low input current type devices (TLP176AM,TLP172GM), a high break down voltage (BVs)-5kVrms series (TLP240, TLP241), plus the very small VSON4 series suitable for automatic tester equipment.

Basic information/ comparison between mechanical relays

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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.