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1.6 kW 48 V Output Telecommunication Equipment Power Supply

This reference design provides design guide, data and other contents of 1.6 kW 48 V output power supply using semi-bridgeless PFC and isolated phase-shift full-bridge DC-DC converter.

Simple block diagram of 1.6 kW 48 V output telecommunication equipment power supply.
Simple Block Diagram
Efficiency curves of 1.6 kW 48 V output telecommunication equipment power supply.
Efficiency Curves


Input voltage AC 90 to 264 V
Output voltage DC 48 V
Output power 0.8 kW (AC 100 V system input), 1.6 kW (AC 200 V system input)
Circuit topology Semi-Bridgeless PFC, Phase-Shift Full-Bridge + Synchronous Rectification, Oring Circuit for Output


Exterior photo of 1.6 kW 48 V output telecommunication equipment power supply.
  • 1U rack size high efficiency high power output power supply
  • Output voltage 48 V
  • Total efficincy:94.6 % (Vin = 230V at 100 % load condition)
  • Outline size:318 mm x 127 mm x 43 mm (including the base plate under the PCB and top plate covering over the heatsinks)
  • Provides appropriate power devices (MOSFET and SiC diode) and photocouplers totally

Reference design files

Design, Document

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.


Design, File

“Design・File” contains the contents listed below.

*1:Actual PCB was designed on CR5000BD. The other files were made from CR5000BD file.
*2:The data was generated on CR5000BD.

Toshiba items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description




DTMOSIV/600 V/125 mΩ (max) @VGS = 10 V/TO-247


SiC schotkky barrier diode


Second generation/650 V/8 A/TO-220F-2L



Primary side・4

DTMOSIV/600 V/140 mΩ (max) @VGS = 10 V/High-speed diode type/TO-247



Secondary side・8

U-MOSVIII-H/200 V/29 mΩ (max) @VGS = 10 V/SOP Advance




U-MOSX-H/80 V/2.43 mΩ (max) @VGS = 10 V/SOP Advance



Communication between primary side and secondary side・4

For high-speed communicaton/50 Mbps/Totem-pole ouput (INV)/5pin SO6L



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