Package & Packing Information

We introduce package dimensions and packing methods of Toshiba semiconductor.
In developing your designs, please ensure the datasheet.

Download package data for CAD tool, such as 3D model data in STEP format and reference land pattern data designed following JEITA ET-7501 Level3.

Discrete Device Packages

  • 3D model(.stp) : 3D model Data in STEP Format
  • Land Pattern(.dxf) : Land pattern Data in DXF Format
  • Land Pattern(.xml) : Land pattern Data in JEITA LPB C-format
  • Land Pattern(.dra) : Land pattern Data for Cadence®OrCAD®
  • Land Pattern(.ftp) : Land pattern Data for Zuken®CR-5000/CR-8000

By products

IC packages by type

Package Mounting Guide

This online document describes design techniques and mounting methods for improving the solder ability and heat dissipation of our products, and aims at producing the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with high manufacturability.

Thermal Management for Designs Using Discrete Semiconductor Devices

Thermal Management for Designs Using Discrete Semiconductor Devices

There are several effective ways to manage the high temperatures of today’s discrete semiconductors in your design.

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