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Application circuit of brushless DC motor pre-driver TC78B027FTG for fan drive

Block Diagram
Block Diagram


  • 6 MOSFETs are used for fan motor drive.
  • Brushless DC motor pre-driver IC TC78B027FTG is used for fan motor control.
  • Microcontroller TMPM373FWDUG is used for PWM generation and motor rotation control.
  • Hall device is mounted on the bottom side of the board.


  • The board is designed to a doughnut shape according to the fan form.
  • MOSFETs for the motor drive, brushless DC motor pre-driver IC TC78B027FTG, and the microcontroller for control are mounted on a board.
  • Compact board size (Diameter 40mm, 4 layer board)

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Low drain-source ON-resistance: RDS(ON) = 8.0 mΩ (typ.) (@VGS = 4.5 V)

RDS(ON) = 6.5 mΩ (typ.) (@VGS = 10 V)


Brushless DC motor pre-driver IC


"Intelligent Phase Control" realizes an automatically optimized high-efficiency drive in a wide range of rotational speeds.

Closed loop control function regulates motor rotational speed fluctuations caused by changes in power supply voltage and load, without an external MCU.

Various external FETs can be used since FET gate current can be set in the internal non-volatile memory (NVM).

TMPM373FWDUG Microcontroller 1 TX03 Series  32-bit RISC Microcontroller
On Chip program memory and data memory


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